May a boat have a soul? Four generations of an Irish family, the McDonaghs, firmly believe it.
The Old Lady tells the poignant story of an iconic Galway hooker and her owners: Braendán, Seán, Pádraig and Conor.
For them all the Old Lady represents their choice of a free, independent life, driven by variable winds and by their inner strength.
Their stories are intrinsically linked to that of the boat through many ordinary and extraordinary events.
Far beyond being a means of livelihood, the boat is a source of emotional support and inspiration for the McDonaghs and for the people related to them in various ways.
The Old Lady represents the living symbol of a legacy spanning across a century, bridging the lives, the experiences and the dreams of the old and the young generations.

A photographic tour of Inishbofin, an island located more or less 10 the coast of North Connemara. A truly hidden gem, this little island has a lot to offer to visitors: crystal blue waters, interesting walks in an unspoilt country, magnificent views of the surrounding sea and mountains and the genuine atmosphere of old Irish way of life.The images illustrating the book will lead you to the discovery of its wildlife, scenery and main events. A useful source of information before your trip, a pleasant souvenir of your visit and a nice gift for all the lovers of the magical landscape of Connemara.

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A photographic book containing many shots of dogs taken through years all over Europe and in many different situations. Sometimes dogs are alone, sometimes they interact with man, helping him at work or during his leisure time. All these photos have anyway a common denominator: the ability of these animals in improving every minute of our days.
The Authors are convinced that in dogs'eyes it is possible to detect feelings and emotions born out of an ancient pact which men too often overlook; therefore realizing that calling them “just” dogs can’t be enough… They give us unique moments, therefore they deserve that very special name which only our love can suggest.

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A photographic report of all the Galway Hookers Races in which took part all the classes of these boats (Báid Mhóra, Leath Bháid, Gleoiteoga Móra, Gleoiteoga Beaga L1 and L2). Races are held in Galway and all over the South Connemara: Rossaveal, Spiddal, Kilkieran, Lettermullan, Carraroe, Rosmuc, Cashel, Roundstone and two of the Aran Islands (Inishmore and Inishmaan) are traditional venues for Summer Regattas.
If you're in love with this iconic, traditional boat, this book is the ideal complement to "Húicéirí - Galway Hookers" book, published in 2015.

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The Galway Hooker (húicéir in Irish) is a traditional boat distinctive to Galway Bay and the coast of Connemara. This iconic craft, sturdy, yet elegant and agile, is characterized by a black-coloured hull (the colour was originally due to a tar coating) and rust-red sails. The Galway hooker has nowadays become an icon in Ireland and abroad; her distinctive silhouette is quite rightly the emblem on the crest of Galway County Council. This revival is actively promoted by Cumann na Húicéirí - the Galway Hooker Association, and by Bádóirí an Chladaigh - the Claddagh Boatmen Association.
These wonderful boats can be admired while competing in the regattas taking place in Summer months. A full size hooker, the Mairtin Oliver, is "moored" in Galway City Museum.

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